Since 2009 I've been teaching at Olive-Harvey College, one of the seven City Colleges of Chicago. We are located on the far Southeast Side of Chicago, and our population largely consists of minority students. They overcome huge obstacles, and are the most committed students I have ever seen. Many of our students transfer to four-year institutions, and have successful professional careers.


Hats I Wear at City Colleges of Chicago

Courses Taught

  • BIOS 101: Biology of Populations and Communities (UIC)
  • Biology 114: General Education Biology (CCC)
  • Biology 119: Environmental Biology (CCC)
  • Biology 121: Organismal Biology I (CCC)
  • Biology 122: Organismal Biology II (CCC)
  • Biology 236: Environmental Biology II (new course, CCC)
  • Biology 299: Independent Research (CCC)
  • Biology 299: Molecular Conservation Genetics (new course, CCC)
  • Biology 299: Saving the World: Conflicts Between Nature, Greed, & Video Games (new course, CCC)
  • BIOS 399: Introduction to Research (UIC)
  • BIOS 434: Population Biology (UIC)
  • BIOS 546: Research Methods for Landscape, Ecological & Anthropogenic Processes (UIC)
  • Biology Graduate Seminar: Biodiversity and Conservation (new course, University of Pisa, Italy)
  • Zoology 211: General Zoology (new course, CCC)


Student Mentoring

Testifying before congress on Environmental education

Biology 114 Learning Outcomes

114 learning outcomes core (pdf)